Selected Poems 1972 – 2005

Selected Poems 1972 – 2005


Selected Poems 1972 – 2005 contains 91 of Eric Greinke’s best poems.  Greinke’s poetry has been compared by several critics to that of Rimbaud.  His book Iron Rose (1973, Pilot Press Books) is now a highly ranked collector’s item.  An unsigned copy recently sold for $225.   Greinke studied under poets Ted Berrigan and Robert Bly, and corresponded with Donald Hall, Duane Locke and Walter Lowenfels.  The book is in response to a resurgence in Greinke’s reputation and the demand for a new collection of his poetry. This book contains 23 previously uncollected poems.  Ranging from personal message poems to surrealistic, imagistic to neo-dadistic, tragic to comic, Greinke’s poetry is highly evocative and multi-layered, entertaining and engaging.

(Presa Press, 2005. 140 pages, ISBN 0-9740868-8-6. Hardcover, ISBN 0-9740868-7-8. Trade Paperback.)

Also available at The Lost Bookshelf